SO...i see you wanna learn more abt me, huh? as if my index page didnt give you enough info! well, good thing i like being a crowd pleaser!

sweeney. // he/him // old web enthusiest who dosent really know how to spell the word, enthusiest.

i already mentioned em on my main page, but how about a more indepth look at my interests? well, of course, i like Sweeney todd (where i got my name from lol!), old web shtuff, poptropica. But thats not all! other interests of mine include: edward scissorhands, emo/scene culture, vampires (LOVE ME SOME VAMPS!!!!), paranormal n spooky stuff in general, HALLOWEEN and furbies! I currectly have 5 furbies (if you count shelbies) but i wont rly get into that right now!

    other random facts abt me!
  • my favourite color combo is red/black
  • my favourite poptropica villain is a tie between ringmaster raven and binary bard
  • i want to have a big clown doll collection
  • ive watched sweeney todd 7+ times and probably have the whole movie memorized by now.
and i think thats all you need to know? i might add some more stuff to this later on if i feel like it. we'll see!! ^-^
thank you for reading thru all of this!! click the skull to go back!
2018-who the hell knows! (all images on this page in particular (cept for the big 'about me' image on the top, i made that myself.) are from the gif necronomicon, :^)